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Most 8a visitors come from USA, Germany and Spain  Facebook

8a keeps growing and the next week, we will be 50 000 members. Yesterday, we had 10 000 unique visitors and that is a growth of 20 % compared to last year. The countries that are growing most are USA and Spain and here is the country ranking.

12 % USA
11 % Germany
08 % Spain, 6 % Sweden, Italy, Austria, 5 % Switzerland, Polen

City ranking: Vienna, Stockholm, Munich, Madrid, Gothenburg, Insbruck, Sydney, London, Helsinki, Oslo,

Win a trip to TNF Kalymnos Festival 10-13 October  (16) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureLike last year, 8a will run a scorecard competition, where you can win a travel including accomodation for two persons to The North Face Kalymnos Festival 10-13 october. Everyone who during June to August records at least 10 ascents and get a new personal high score will take part in a lottery. The winner will be contacted during the first week of September.

Same Same but Different: Barbara Zangerl Trailer  Facebook

Gabri Moroni doing 8B  Facebook

Alex Megos interview and pics  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureNick Fletcher presents an interview including great pictures with Alex Megos.

"I know all the pros like Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Dave Graham and Nalle for a long time from the climbing videos. Recently I had the chance to meet them in the Grampians. I already met some of them in the past, but it is still a strange felling to meet them. I still consider them as pros and famous, but I don’t really feel my self also like them. I still find it hard sometimes to deal with all the attention, but its getting routine every time a bit more. But it will never be normal

8c+ by Adrian Chmiala (17)  Facebook

Agrian Chmiala has done his first 8c, Nieznosna lekkosc bytu extension in Dolina Kluczwody.

Boulder WC 2013 - Analyzes  Facebook

1. Dima Sharafutdinov 516 - Anna Stöhr 700
2. Jakob Schubert 394 - Akiyo Noguchi 480
3. Sean McColl 377 - Alex Puccio 438
4. Rustam Gelmanov 372 - Shauna Coxsey 426
5. Kilian Fischhuber 371 - Juliane Wurm 345
6. Gui-Gui Mondet 353 - Katharina Saurwein 317
Complete results

The most striking with the Boulder World Cup 2013, beside the superior win by Stöhr and Sharafutdinov.

1. It is the same athletes at the top as last year and in fact, it has been the same guys in the top for several years now, beside some top guys have stopped competing.

2. Only a dozen male and female have competed in at least all but one event and in almost all comps, they are always Top-12.

3. It is getting harder and harder for the youngsters to become established as a world class competition boulder. Some years ago, we saw several sensational results but in 2013 it did not happened once. In the qualification, there were several "newcomers" at the top but in the end, it was the same guys at the podium nevertheless.

Paige Claassen - 8b+ First ascent - South Africa  Facebook

Malatal climbing guidevideo  Facebook

Add general Crag comments  (3) Facebook

The webmaster has now made it possible to add general comments directly to Crags that will be visable on the country specific first pages. If there is some new access issues, it can be mentioned here or you can search for climbing partners, add a topo, give some info of new routes. (Jonas will continue to improve this feature and if you have some ideas, feel free to share them).

Another webmaster update is to follow all ascents recorded on a crag divided in three grade categories.

Nicky Ceria in Rocklands  Facebook

Boulder World Cup Munich  Facebook

8a has changed and improved the gradings  Facebook

Jason Jordan has an essay on the philosophy of climbing grades which can be found here.

"In the past, climbing grades were determined largely by the declaration of the first ascentionist, and based on the "standard" set by a particular famous route. Web databases like 8a and "personal grading" are in the process of changing the nature of climbing grades from a model of definitive standards set by a piece of rock, to one of statistical ranges set by those who have climbed it. I propose that, under this new paradigm, climbing grades might be best understood under the Monte Carlo method used in weather forecasting. The ironic upshot of this approach is that, by making grades less absolute, one can actually make them much more accurate overall.

Training-Log and Blogs have been moved  Facebook

Click on "Presentation - Settings" to reach Training-Log and Blogs.

Markus Bendler does old Alex Huber project  Facebook

Markus Bendler @ Seitensprung from Berni Kogler on Vimeo.

The grade of 3a routes should not be based on redpoint  Facebook

It is a well known fact that grades should be based on the red-point feeling, i.e. the best optimal sequences and beta. This is one of the reason for all the down grades climbs.

However, as the main reason for having grades is to help the climber to find a resonable challenge, the grades of the easiest climbs should gradually be based on onsight/flash instead of the redpoint beta, as this is how the beginner climbs.

In other words, if a 5a today is relatively hard to onsight as it has only one very tricky 5a solution, it should be upgraded. If not, the grade is not serving it's purpose to act like a guide for the climbers who mainly want to climb onsight.

9a+ FA by Alex Megos  (3) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureVertical Life Mag reports that Alex Megos has done a new link up in the Hollow Mountain Cave in Grampians, Wheelchair 9a+ starts as The Wheel of Life (WOF) but ends in Stimulation 8A+. WOF was set up by Dai Koyamada as the world' first 8C+ boulder. (c) Dorothea Karalus

Alex comments, "It’s hard to give it a grade. I think it’s not possible to give it a boulder grade, although it’s more a boulder then the Wheel of Life because it has no rest. Everyone calls the Wheel 9a and I think Wheelchair is harder then the Wheel, I would call it 9a+

Stimulation 8A+ by Miller  Facebook

Stimulation from Oliver Miller on Vimeo.

The FA of Move 9b (+) by Adam Ondra  (13) Facebook

Adam Ondra - Move - First from MadSkillz Media on Vimeo.

Romain Desgranges 8a up at 3 600 m altitude  Facebook

Manslaughter charges filed after Tito's death  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureDPM has translated an article by the Italian newspaper La Reppublica Toriona which says that the public prosecutor has charged manslaughter against five people after the Tito Traversa accident. On July 5, the twelve year old died after falling some 40 meters due quick draws assembled wrongly.

"The owner of the company that produced the rubber keeper is charged for not including proper instructions for assembly in the packaging.

The owner of the gear shop that sold the rubber keepers is charged.

The manager of the club that organized the trip and two instructors that were on site are charged for failing to control the correct assembly of the equipment.

A sixth person, a relative of the girl that lent the equipment to Tito, is still under investigation but not currently charged"

Stöhr and Sugimoto win in Munich  (9) Facebook

Anna Stöhr finished of her record season by winning her seventh event out of eight in the Boulder World Cup. In the only one she did not win she was #2. During the 25 year of World Cups, no winner has been as superior as Anna. Among the male, Rei Sugimoto got his first victory. The difficulty level set by the chief route setter was perfect through out the whole event.

1. Anna Stöhr AUT - Rei Sugimoto JPN
2. Alex Puccio USA - Thomas Tauporn GER
3. Shauna Coxsey GBR - Rustam Gelmanov
Complete results

130 athlets in Munich Boulder Cup  Facebook

The eighth and last stage of the Boulder World Cup will take place in Munich this weekend and a record high of 130 athlets are scheduled to compete. Chief route setter is Manuel Hassler.

Both Anna Stöhr and Dima Sharafutdinov have already secured the overall title so maybe the most attention is whether Kilian Fischhuber will be able to be #2 overall as he has been every year since 2004. Currently, Kili is #5 but as he has missed one event he is #3, only 13 points behind Jakob Schubert, if you count all but one.

Saturday: 10.00 Male & 15.30 Female
Sunday: 11.30 Semi & 18.30
The whole event will be streamed.

9a by Seb Bouin in Flatanger  (2) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureErik Grandelius, who lately has done two 8c+ in Flatanger, reports that Seb Bouin has done A Little Badder 9a in Flatanger, after two weeks of projecting, which for 40 metres shares the 9b FA Move from Adam Ondra. (c) Bealplanet

The three guys have been climbing together for a month and the new trick is to just do one or two pushes every second day. During the endless resting periods they have been "chossploring", which means "to find just another overhanging sand quarry that although looking nice from distance is utter shit.

9b FA by Adam Ondra in Flatanger  (12) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureAdam Ondra comments his FA of his 50 metres long Move 9b in Flatanger. "Took me 2 weeks and half, while feeling strong and with bomber conditions. This route was hard for me, one my hardest, though Change is probably harder to repeat, as it fits my style WAY MORE." Waiting for a picture, check out his trend diagram showing his continous progress for 12 straight years. If Adam wants this to contine we are talking 9c and 9a+ onsight within a year or two :)

Erik Grandelius comments, "Excluding the knee bars, Seb Bouin uses 15 minutes for the same section where Adam uses five and it certainly does look like Adam is comfortable doing a 7a.

Every attempt and move has a nice flow for Adam. His climbing is always very close to perfection except for some minor mistake in grabbing the crux hold. He seems to routinely access a deep flow in his climbing, something that for instance I and I guess most climbers only experience occasionally a couple of times per year.

What I mean is that if he has a chance to do something, he does it. Adam has a detailed plan for everything. He even created a wodden edge in the barn so he could recruite his crimper before every attempt.

Essentials Of Climbing: Bouldering  Facebook

Essentials Of Climbing: Bouldering from EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS on Vimeo.

Rock Master 2013 a Trophy for Tito Traversa  Facebook

Planet Mountain reports that, "Rock Master has decided to create, as of this year, a trophy dedicated to Tito Traversa, the promising young Italian climber who died aged 12 after a climbing accident at Orpierre in France last July.

One more 8A+ by Mirko Caballero (12)  Facebook

Mirko Caballero (12)

Katha Saurwein does 8A+, 8A and 7C+  Facebook

Katha Saurwein: El Gauhara 8A+, Falsche Götter 7C+ etc. from jorg verhoeven on Vimeo.

Austrialia 1 from Jamie Emerson  Facebook

Australia I from on Vimeo.

Loopo Light - The worlds lighest harness  Facebook

Click to Enlarge Picture169 grams are the weight of the Edelrid Loopo Light (S) when you have removed the gear loops. It has the innovative double tie system with out a belay loop and it fits in your pocket. The first target group is skiers and hikers who maybe want to rapell down etc.

With the very wide super breathable legs loops it is as comforatble as any normal sport climbing harness which normally weighs double as much. Do you want to optimize your ruck sack for the one hour approach to Céüse as well as not carrying any extra grams on your redpoint project on Cascade, this is it :) Compared to the sport climbing harness Loopo, it is bigger in size probably in order to fit thicker trousers for the hikers.

Atmosphere and Cyrus from Edelrid  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureAtmosphere is the latest high innovative ultra light sport climbing harness from Edelrid. The wide leg loops are 3D shaped and at the back, the string is attached to two points to spread out the load making it more comfortable. The tie in point has an abrasion protector for extra durability.

"3D-Vent Technology: unparalleled fit and wear comfort via 3D construction, optimal pressure distribution and maximum air permeability." More info.

Cyrus is a similar harness but with even wider leg loops making it, "Probably the most comfortable harness money can buy." Still at 354 grams, it is lighter than most sport climbing harnesses.

9a by Ramonet again  Facebook

Ramón Julian Puigblanque has done Centre village 9a and La proue debridée 8c+ in La Roche De Rame and he is #2 in the ranking game. He is also #2 in the Lead WC 2013 and that was his position also in 2012. Overall, he is the best male competition climber in the world, during the last ten years.

TNF - Edge Pants  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureEdge Pants from The North Face are super comfortable and here are some info of the cotton trousers that are made to move and articulate withe the body whilst climbing.

" An elasticized waistband embossed with Never Stop Exploring™ and an additional waistband cord ensures that the pants fit securely whilst offering freedom of movement. A crotch gusset and knee articulation provide extra material for reach and stretch, and hem drawcords allow the trousers to be pulled in around the ankle for a snag-free climb.

Japan and Austria dominate Youth Worlds  (3) Facebook

94: Dmitry Fakiryanov RUS - Magdalena Röck AUT
96: Naoki Shimatani JPN - Jessica Pilz AUT
98: Stefano Carnati ITA - Aika Tajima JPN
Complete results

Dmitry Fakiryanov was the only one to top out the final route and he was together with Jessica the only ones to defend their victory from last year. Overall, Austria dominated as always and this year also Japan did get four medals. Surprisingly, Canada did not get anyone in the finals and USA did not get any medals but five finalists.

The Youth World Championship was a great success including the IFSC broad casting seems to be the general opinion. Watch the Lead finals.

Youth Worlds streaming 01:30 Euro  Facebook

7c+ (8a+) MP onsight by Sasha: UPDATE  (8) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureSasha Digiulian has given Camillotto Pellissier a personal grade of 7c+ on her scorecard. "It's probable that this route is not an 8a+ as originally graded. We climbed each pitch and didn't find the hardest pitches to be harder than 7c+ or so because the climb was wet and holds broke and it was still possible. Though at the same time, in my opinion it is hard to equate grades of a big wall in the Dolomites to sport climbing grades. The experience is much different and the one is much more taxing than the latter.

Yesterday Sasha reported on Facebook, "I just got down from the top of the mountain! I onsighted "Camillotto Pellissier," an alpine multipitch 8a+ (7b+-7c-8a+-8a-7a-8a+-6c...etc to the top of Cime Grande) in the Dolomites." It took them 8 hours to climb and two hours to walk down.

"Edu Marin and I traded off leading pitches versus climbing with the backpack that had red bull water and food. Climbing in the Dolomites is a whole new venture for me. I am constantly outside of my comfort zone because you are climbing on old pitons, spread apart, and acutely aware of how loose the rock is.

So I lead onsighted the topo 7c- 8a - 8a+, 6c piches and climbed the others with the backpack but 2nd. I will add some personal grades tonight."

The North Face Verto Micro Hoodie  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureI have just used it for one week but it is already my favorite jacket. It feels cold once you put it on and I am acually using it now, working indoors. Once I start walking it has kept me warm at 10 degrees with just a T-shirt under and light rain has been no problem. It is like a mixture of a light rain jacket and a down west. It is super quick to stuff and it is the perfect jacket I have always wanted to have in my climbing bag, no matter if I am climbing on Kalymnos or in Sweden. My only remark is that it seems small in sizes.

Complete info:"The North Face® Men’s Verto Micro Hoodie is a lightweight, technical climbing jacket that combines the best of fabrics and down insulation. From the top down, the elastic bound hood has extra insulation in the neck that extends the comfort range. The baffled chest is packed with 800 fill down that is wrapped in a light and rugged Pertex© nylon shell. The arms are a combination of wind shell and stretchy, more breathable underarm panels with FlashDry™ technology and accelerated drying time.

It stuffs into its own alpine pocket for carrying and storage. The result is an extremely warm and compressible mountain jacket that delivers performance where it is needed. The North Face® Men’s Verto Micro Hoodie is a game-changing Summit Series™ down climbing jacket that is bred from athlete input and expedition testing.

Rubén Díaz in the FA of 'Aurora Sit', 8B+ in Hoyamoros  Facebook

Blocs of Spain Vol 2 Barcelona  Facebook

Several 8A and 8A+ by the Raboutou's (50 - 12 - 15)  (6) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureRobyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, the best competition climber in the world between 1989 - 1995 and since than a succesful junior trainer through the ABC for Kids, has been in Magic Wood with her family. Showing that age does not count in climbing, Brooke (12) did three 8A's including Pura Vida 8A+, Shawn (15) did several 8A and 8A+' and the 50 year old mother did two 8A's. On the picture by Rainer Eder, Brooke does Pura Vida 8A+.

How much do you train and how is it possible to continue to progress being 50+?
I try to climb two days a week, sometimes three. I don't think it's about the hours but more about motivation. The kids also motivate me so it's a group effort.

'You are just a bolt clipper'  (2) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureAndrew Bisharat, the Editor at Large at Rock and Ice, has through his blog, Evening sends written an article saying that you can only define yourself as a "Sport Climber", if you take it so seriously so you can spend at least a month trying to redpoint at your personal limit. If not, you are only a "Bolt Clipper"! (c) Peter McBride

"The first approach, probably the most common, is to just go to a beautiful crag with your friends and spend a casual day ticking off climbs in the sun. Maybe you’ll fall. Maybe you’ll play around on something above your hardest redpoint. Maybe you’ll even try to send a route or two that day.

This is all good fun, but this isn’t what I call sport climbing. This is bolt clipping.

The Hörst' brothers  Facebook

The Send Bros - Teaser One from Three Peak Films on Vimeo.

Magic Wood by Dave von Allmen  Facebook

Arkanum - Magic Wood from Dave von Allmen on Vimeo.

TNF Unearthed - Daniel Woods  Facebook

TNF Unearthed - Alex Honnold  Facebook

7C+ FA by Petter Ulmert  Facebook

Youth Worlds in Canada  Facebook

Watch the live streaming from the Youth World Championship in Canada which starts 18.20 Euro Time. Complete results

Sisu Masters in Finland 5/10  Facebook

Rocklands - 2013  Facebook

8b+ by Kristina Ondra  (2) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureChechclimbing reports that Kristina Ondra has done her first 8b+, Kudlanka at Moravsky Kras. Newsworthy is also that the her father has done his first 8a although he has been climbing for more than 25 years. So if his son also is a late bloomer, Adam will do 9c+ at his age. (c) Pepe Piechowicz

8b by Lena Herrmann (17)  (2) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureLena Herrmann has done Riesenslalom Direkt, 8b and SMS, 8a+ in Frankenjura and she is #3 in the junior game.

"Fast ascent. Checked it out maybe 3 times, then I did a try and the next GO was the ascent.I think that's the reason why I did it so fast:
The rock was full of SPIDERS.! and there is nothing which is more disgusting.! So I didn't want to climb between them once more. That made my climb ;-)"

8C FA again by Dave Graham  (1) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureDave Graham has made his fifth 8C FA, The Ice Knife at Guanella Pass. For more than 10 years, Dave has been on the cutting edge and when it comes to produce hard core FAs around the globe, he is #1 in the history of bouldering.

"A majestic prow, jutting out of the forest on a northeast facing slope. A very technical compression climb, and extra conditony. Took me eleven days over two seasons, and it was a huge relief to final climb it. Difficult to grade, but one of the more challenging problems I have tried in a very long time, so we will see."

8b+ by Chelsea Rude  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureChelsea Rude has done her first 8b+, Ixeia in Rodellar. ":) First 8b+ & I believe I can do harder :) A MUERTE!" Previously, 8a+ was and 7C+ bouldering were her personal best'.

In 2011, she has participated in one Boulder and one Lead WC, finishing #17 and #11.

8c by Barbara Raudner  Facebook

Barbara Raudner blogs about her ascent of Honig, 8c in Hollental which is a 45m endurance route. This was the 35+ fourth 8c.

8c by Emily Harrington  Facebook

Climbing reports that Emily Harrington has done Joe Kinder's Waka Flocka, 8c in Rifle after some 45 tries. In the world champion 2005, Emily (19) did get the silver.

9a by Guillaume Lebret  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureGuillaume Lebret has done the new naturelle verison without sika of Trip Tic Tonic in Gorges du Loup confirming the upgrade to 9a. Everyone has given it three stars also including the Sika. In march he broke a bone in his heal and six months later he does his first 9a. More pics at Guillaume's blog

8C and 8B+ FA's by Adam Ondra  (6) Facebook

Adam Ondra has had a great day in Petrohrad where he opened, Cháron 8C, "Great to feel progression, spent three days on it last winter and now went within 30 minutes. Fits my style exactly."

He also made the FA of Underground 8B+, "Huge powerful moves, morphological, could be easier, but felt hard to me." In total Adam has opened four 8B+ and two 8C and he is now just two points behind Daniel Woods in the game.

8C FA by Daniel Woods again  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureDaniel Woods has made his seventh 8C FA, La force tranquille, 8C in Magic Wood. The 22 year old has been the leader of the game for several years and now Adam Ondra is just two points behind.

"Wow! such a mental and condition war for me. Located on the backside of the darkness cave. Has very subtle movement using small, slopey edges and poor feet out a 45 degree overhang. This one is for you Courtney... thanks for supporting me and walking up to the boulder multiple times. Now I can move forward."

FA explorerer Nalle Hukkataival  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureNalle Hukkataival has recorded 27 boulders 8A and harder he has done this autumn including 13 FA's. The Fin has put up 20 boulders 8B and harder the last seven years around the globe. (c) Keith Ladzinski - FA of Parallel Lines, 8A in Grampians.

Nalle was an active competition climber until 2008 and in 2005 he was #5 in the world champion and in 2007, he got the silver in the European champion.

8b+ trad by Yuji Hirayama (41)  (2) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureYuji Hirayama reports on Facebook, "Back from Italy. I did the Green Spits (I think it's more like 8b+ with placing gears) second go! Short trip but great satisfaction". Yuji is one of the true legends who won the World Cup in 1998 and who has been one of the best onsight and also big wall climbers in the history.

Green Spit is a 12m horizontal roof crack based on hand, fist and finger jams. In 2003, Didier Berthod chopped the bolts and climbed it on pre-placed gear giving it 8b+. Two years later he did it clean.

8c+ OS by Ramonet  (5) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureRamón Julian Puigblanque has had some great time in Rifle after the Lead WC in Boulder, onsighting four 8b's and The Crew. It was originally 8c but then a hold break making most suggest an upgrade to 8c+. It should be noted that nobody has previously onsighted harder than 8b in Rifle, see more info as a comment.

The 159 cm tall Ramonet with arms hanging down to his knees is #3 in the IFSC world ranking and #2 in the 8a game. He won the world championship in 2007 and in 2011. (c) Toni Roy

The world's first 8c+ onsight was done by Patxi Usobiaga. In 2011, Adam Ondra has done seven 8c+ onsights.

8B+ FA by Nalle Hukkataival  (25) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureNalle Hukkataival blogs about his FA of Circus Elephant Syndrome, 8B+ in Finland. "In my opinion 8B+ is HARD and I intend to keep my line with the 8C grade, which I still view as cutting-edge until something a notch above the current bouldering level gets climbed.

However, the way 8C has been shifting again lately, this grade may not correspond too well. Either way, Circus Elephant Syndrome is likely the hardest boulder problem in Finland and a world-class shoulder strength testpiece! I'm very psyched that I finally got it done!!!

9a by Magnus Midtbö  (1) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureMagnus Midtbö has repeated Nordic Flower, 9a, in Flatanger. The route was established just over a month ago by Jorg Verhoeven.

"I’m not sure about the 9a grade, but on such a beautiful route I don’t thing the grade even matters. Without doubt the most beautiful route I have ever done!" More pictures at, as well as comments on the FA on Verhoeven's blog.

8A+ FA by Rudi Moroder (19)  (1) Facebook

Rudi Moroder has done the First Ascent of Cold Front, 8A+ in Pontives. "Super boulder, really technical; definitely my hardest to date." In the combined junior game he is #3. Full story at

8B's again by Guntram Jörg  Facebook

Guntram Jörg is on the run having done another two 8B's, Vecchia Leone and General Disarray in Brione. In the last month he has done five 8B's and a 8B+ (C) and he has jumped to #9 in the game.

5 star 8c+ FA by Gabriele Moroni  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureGabriele Moroni has made the FA of Bella Regis, 8c+ in Trento. "Best route i've ever bolted! perfect line! Its about 40moves long with a small rest before the last boulder, the resistence crux. The route follows a logical line on a big roof prow".

During the last year, Gabri has opened 10 routes 8a or harder mainly around Trento and he has still many projects to be done.

8B by Niccolò Ceria (18)  Facebook

Niccolò Ceria did give himself a nice 18 year birthday present by doing General disarray, 8B in Brione. In total, he has done nine 8B or harder and he did his first when he was 16 year old. He is #2 in the junior game. Video of the ascent.

8B+ (C+) by Benjamin Cossey  (13) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureBenjamin P. Cossey has done Dai Koyamada's 60 mover The Wheel of Life in Grampians giving it 8B+ although it was set up as an 8C+. During the last week, Ben has also done another two boulders in the Hollow Mountain Cave originally graded 8B.

In the beginning of the 00-ies, he put up several 8c's in Blue Mountains but lately he seems to have more focused on bouldering.

8a trad MP by Mayan Smith-Gobat  (5) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureMayan Smith-Gobat has done Salathe Wall in Yosemite which means 35 pitches up to 8a on trad gear. In 2009, she climbed an 8c in Ceüse but the last year she has been focused on Yosemite climbs.

"Every hand jam felt amazing and the climbing flowed – It was an incredible feeling reaching the top of the Headwall, free from the ground, with only a couple easy pitches to the top. A total sense of elation, release of tension and relief.

Then slowly the emptiness set in, the Salathe has been a huge part of my life for the last year, and there was almost a sense of sadness – kind of like saying good bye to a great friend and teacher."

8b+ by Monique Forestier (38)  (1) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureMonique Forestier has done Tom et je ris 8b+ in Verdon which is a 60m tufa route. Prior to having a baby three years ago, she did four 8b+ in Blue Mountains.

Robbie Phillips says: "The whole aspect of this climb with it’s limited time to be climbed (between 7am – 2pm), massive walk in, ab in approach to start of route, hanging belay, mega long run-outs, technical nature of the climb and difficulty of working the route...". (c) her husband Simon Carter, "Certainly one of the most stunning lines I've ever seen..." Check out his new Coffe Table Book.

8B+/C by Dai Koyamada  Facebook

UKC reports that Dai Koyamada has opened another 8B+/C, Daedalus direct in Sustenpass.

8c by Conny Matthes  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureConny Matthes has done her first 8c, Powerplay, in Frankenjura. "Long and hard work did it in spite of finger injury."

Conny has previously done two 8b+'s and she has had continuous progress since 2004 when she did her first 7b+.

Two 8a's onsights by Matilda Söderlund (19)  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureMatilda Söderlund has onsighted her first two 8a's, Rita del belvedere and Calabruix also graded 8a+ in Montgrony. The last weeks in Spain she has also onsigthed four 7c+.

The 19 year old and 175 cm tall swede is also a successful competition climber and she was #6 in the last Youth World Champion. In the last Euro Youth Cup she was #3.

8c+FA by Jonathan Siegrist  Facebook

Jonathan Siegrist blogs about his FA Shadowboxing, 8c+ in Rifle which was bolted long time ago by Nico Favresse. "It's the big boys version of 'Living in Fear' - no knee-pads, no valuable resting and a complete pallet of stylistic challenges."

Magic Wood slaughter by Adam Ondra  Facebook

Adam Ondra had a very productive weekend in Magic Wood, finishing off Practice of The Wild 8C, which was put up by Chris Sharma in 2004. He comments, "3 days in total, 1 day in terrible conditions, another one while being tired, very hard to say concerning the grade, easier than In Search of time lost, but harder than the rest of other 8B+'s."

The 18 year old also made the first repeat of Dai Koyamada's three-weeks-old Dark Matter 8B+/C and Remembrance Of Things Past 8B+. He also did another four 8A+'s. It could be noted that during the weekend it was almost summer temperature!

8C FA by Daniel Woods  (2) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureCourtney Sanders reports that, "Today Daniel (Woods)climbed the FA of the old Muttertag Sit project, naming it Mystic Stylez. He is comparing it to the difficulty of Warrior Up, 8c in Lincoln Lake. It is difficult to grade because it is only a few moves, but the break down is a 2 move 8B into a one move 8A. For now it is going to stand at 8C." This was the 8th 8C by the 22 year old.

8c by Muriel Sarkany (37)  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureMuriel Sarkany has done her fourth 8c, Last soul sacrifice, in Gorges du Loup. She is now #2 in the 2011 routes ranking game. The 37-year-old has won 17 World Cup comps, has been the Overall winner five times and was the World Champion in 2003.

"I began climbing at 16 year old and 1 year later I was starting competitions. I found a lot of pleasure doing that, I won all the titles (world champion, European champion...). And now, I decided to stop competitions and just take pleasure in rocks ;-)"

7C+ (8A) for Maria Davies Sandbu (20)  Facebook

Maria Davies Sandbu has done Down Under, 7C+ in Magic Wood where she also did four 7C's during the last three days. Three of the nice boulders have previously been graded 8A.

8b+ FA trad by Peter Kamitses  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PicturePeter Kamitses has made the FA of Oppositional Defiance Disorder, 8b+ trad in Silver Lake. "Steepest baddest hardest raddest Trad pitch I've ever tried...very different placing gear on lead vs. toproping... Big runouts but solid gear... Stoked it dried out enuff again after Irene." In 2008, Peter opened China Glide, 9a in Rumney. Climbing has a small interview.

8c+ FA by Piotr Schab (15)  (1) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PicturePiotr Schab has done the FA of Parowa, 8c+ in Pochylec which is a 27m and 10 m overhang link up of a 8b into an 8c without rest.

The 15 year old who was #5 in the last Youth World Championship is 152 cm and 39 kg. Piotr has previously onsighted two 8a+ and he is #5 in the junior ranking game.

9a by Ben Spannuth  (4) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureBen Spannuth who had 8b+ as personal best before the road trip to Spain has done Era Bella, 9a in Margalef which was set up by Chris Sharma.
"Full mental battle after falling off the top then failing to get back through the crux. when dani andrada yells venga you climb a muerte. back to the tufas!"

8B+ by Dai Koyamada  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureDai Koyamada reports that he has done the first repeat of Deadalus, 8B+ in Sustenpass. (c) Angela Wagner. On the same day he also did Rêve de faire.

Dai (35) has been on the cutting edge ever since he stopped competing in 2000. His best WC result was #4 in Kranj 1998. The 165 cm tall, has put up more than a dozen 8C boulder and The Wheel of Life, 8C (+) and Hydrangea, 8C+. When it comes to route climbing he has done several 9a's including Action Directe.

Three 8b+ by Andrea Szekely  Facebook

Andrea Szekely has had a great trip to Rodellar where she in spite of a broken thumb did three 8b+, Geminis, Ixeia and Maskoking second go, "another route that goes thumbless! una cueva muy chula".

Her first 8b+, she did when she was 18 year old. In Rodellar, she also onsighted two 8a's.

8A (7C+) by Thomasina Pidgeon (36)  Facebook

Thomasina Pidgeon has done Honey Badger, 8A (7C+) in Mt Evans. "Enjoyable with an epic top out. 14 moves at elevation proves a chore for this bird."

The great problem was set up by Jamie Emerson. The 36 year old mum has previously, in 2011 alone, done six boulders 8A and harder.

8B+ (C) FA by Micky Page  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureUKC reports that Micky Page has done two seldom repeated 8B+ by Fred Nicole in Rocklands, Golden Shadow and Black Eagle. He also opened a new 8B+ or 8C.

"King of Limbs was an old project not far from the classic Leopard Cave. Following an obvious roof line, a good starting crimp rail leads to 3 hard moves at full extension then easier climbing above. It took me a while to build the specific strength needed at the crux and it was a battle to finish it.. Definitely a classic and one of the most challenging problems I've done." (c) Nick Brown Outcrop Films, Rocklands trailer.

8a and 8b+ by wife (54) and husband (59)  (2) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureLetizia Titta Colombo, who did her first 7a at 40 and her first 8a at 43, has this summer done Anaconda Style, 8a in Candalla which is a 35m endurance route. She has previously onsighted Zawinul syndacate, 7c (+) at Kalymnos and a dozen routes 8a and harder.

Her husband Francesco Segafredo (59) did recently two 8b+ in Sperlonga, Viaggio uguale Infinito and Piccolo Gesti. The plan for this autumn is Antalya and Kalymnos.

9a by Joey Kinder  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureJoey Kinder has done his fourth 9a, Bad Girls Club in Rifle. "Its a classic power endurance route. Kind of like a Spanish route where you get a long sustained section of hard serious climbing to a rest and then repeat over and over till the anchor. I am just stoked to have done it. After bolting it and setting it free to the hungry masses I got to do it as well...

Next is to go Andrada Loco and bolt more projects... MORE! 9A+ is what we need and I will hook this up."

8C FA by Fred Nicole (41)  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PicturePrana reports that boulder icon Fred Nicole who has been a global boulder pioneer since the 90-ies, especially in Switzerland, Rocklans and Hueco Tanks etc and the first to etablish 8B, 8B+ and 8C, has established a new 8C, Le Boa. In the end of this Nicole video the start of Le Boa is included.

"It is a sit down start on a big snake like looking structure, which also gives the name to the problem. Some powerful moves on pockets underclings that bring you to a tricky traverse with more pockets and a finish with long moves into a big flake. It ends in another problem called “Mosaik”, rated V11 or 8a."

"Most of the time I don’t grade my boulders anymore, but people are still curious what they could be. On this one my feeling lies around 8c boulder, as it felt as the hardest boulder I ever did on pockets."

8c (b+) by Sasha Digiulian (18)  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureSasha Digiulian continues her rampage around Lleida doing Aitzol, 8c (b+) and Flash Over, 8b+ in Margalef, both Second Go. During the last 20 days the 18 year old has done 20 routes with a score of 8b or more.

Photo(c) Ignacio Sandoval Burón.

9a by Mikel Ziarrusta  Facebook

Mikel Ziarrusta has done his second 9a, Sistematik ihes in Aizpun. He has previously done nine 8c+, four of which he completed in 2011. He is now #7 in the routes ranking game.

8c again by Caroline Ciavaldini  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureJames Pearson reports that he and his girlfriend, Caroline Caravaldini, have done Souvenir du Pic, 8c, in St Guilhem. Along with the seven 8c’s she has completed, Caroline is a highly accomplished trad, multi-pitch and competition climber. She placed #5 in both the WC 2011 and 2010.

Another two 8b OS by Sasha Digiulian (18)  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureSasha Digiulian Sasha Digiulian once again has shown she is one of the best females at onsighting, dispatching another two 8b's in Bielsa: Just Married and Highway 42. In combined ranking of men and women she is #5. She sits with Charlotte Durif as being the greatest female onsight climbers in history.

In two weeks, Sasha will compete in the World Cup in Paris and the weekend after she plans to compete in the World Cup in Boulder, Colorado.

8b MP by the Huber brothers  (1) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureHuberbuam reports that Alexander and Thomas Huber has done the eight pitch 8b, Stoamanndl in Loferer Alm in Austria. Alexander (43) has been on the cutting edge for 25 years and some of his hard core routes have been upgraded which makes he the first person to establish 9a (+).

He has also have had the speed climbing record for Yosemite big wall etc etc. Alexander is one of the legends in the history of rock climbing. Here is another of his great stories doing a 8b+ free solo.

8c by Muriel Sarkany (37)  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureMuriel Sarkany has done her second 8c in Gorges du Loup, Quoussaï les maux de la fin and now her project is an 8c+ finishing in the same route. The second best female competition climber in the history is also #2 in the 8a ranking game.

"I began climbing at 16 year old and 1 year later I was starting competitions. I found a lot of pleasure doing that, I won all the titles (world champion, European champion...). And now, I decided to stop competitions and just take pleasure in rocks ;-)"

First 8C (B+) by Guntram Jörg  (3) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureGuntram Jörg has done his first 8C (B+), Anam Cara Silvretta, FA by Bernd Zangerl. "Can´t be more emotional. Challenged my life in so many different aspects! Now I´m so happy that I was ready for that step. I know there is much more possible and about that I´m psyched!" (c) Dominik Hadwiger

Sasha Digiulian (18) in record mode  (6) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureSasha Digiulian has during the last two weeks set some type of record in Rodellar, having onsighted five routes between 8a and 8b+, flashed an 8a+ and redpointed four routes between 8b and 8c+.

Just using this two weeks score, the 18 year old would have been #1 in the ranking game. Some two months ago she was the overall world champion.
"I do not know about being the best female climber, but I do know that my passion for climbing outside is more prevalent than ever lately and that makes climbing very fun!" More info and pics at her nice blog.

8b RP and 8a OS by Ashima Shiraishi (10)  (2) Facebook

27crags reports that Ashima Shiraishi (10) has done Swingline 8b and onsighted The Return of Darth Moll 8a in Red River Gorge.

When it comes to bouldering, the 10 year old has already done two 8A's. Indoor training video and interview.

New granite cave in Italy  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureSimone Pedeferri has opened a new granite cave with 10 routes between 7b and 8c+, 1 h walk from San Martino, the village of Melloblocco. More info

Simone is also a well known boulder profile and one of the guys behind Melloblocco. This summer he has done Neandertal, 8B which nobody did during the last Melloblocco.

8c MP by Luka Kranjc  Facebook

Planetmountain reports that Luka Kranjc has done the fourth ascent of Bellavista, 8c in the Dolomites. Apart from one 8c and one 8a pitch, the remaining eight pitches are 7b or easier. Alex Huber put it up in 2001.


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